Hey! Forgot to tell you guys! We’re on spotify too! So now you really have no excuse to not listen and spread the love!!


The Suits

Well Whatd’ya know?! The Suits’ NAVY is now available on the ole iTunes! Click the picture for the link! You can check it out there and purchase it or give us some good reviews. Whatever you fancy. Either way thanks for all the Love!!

Kindest Regards,
The Suits

Here It Is Ladies And Gents!! Listen, Share, Love!


The Suits


We are so excited to be releasing our album, NAVY on Sunday! We have been listening to it nonstop the past few weeks and we feel like its going to knock your socks off. So get your minds, bodies, and souls ready for the music that is, NAVY.

Peace and Tranquility,

The Suits

Bandcamp version. You can download it here! Name your price. October 27th. Navy. Get Ready!

Here is our new single! Trifecta! 50 points to the person who guesses why it’s named trifecta!

Alright guys. yes. its been a while. but we finally have something to announce. NAVY. its the name of our new album that we will be releasing very soon!! The release date will be announced shortly, but for now enjoy the artwork that will accompany our new album!


So we’e got a new song comin up for you guys! Its been a while, but we hope that this song will get you ready for some upcoming music!! It will be released this saturday so be ready. 

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Although still attending college The Suits have managed to cut an impressive seven track EP that sounds like it could have come from a bunch of fully seasoned musicians. Their unique form of rock is defined with experimental elements of electro and jazz. Dive in and get lost with your new favorite band.